How science is shaping the future of nutritious consumables

What if you didn't have to diet or take supplements? What if you could trust that what you consume is designed to keep you in optimum health instead? Well, that’s almost a reality. Ironically, it’s our propensity for a sedentary lifestyle and fast food that’s helping to drive demand for healthier products to consume, and thus a bourgeoning research industry in support of nutritious foods and ingredients, beverages, dietary supplements, nutricosmetics and personal care.

At the upcoming Vitafoods Asia exhibition, you can see exactly how the food, supplement, beauty and pharmaceutical industries are being transformed by innovators and scientists who are working to deliver optimal health in what you consume.

The exhibition is a full-service look into the nutraceuticals industry, from its key ingredients, to contract manufacturing and labelling to services & equipment and branded finished products. Along with what is being offered commercially, there’s much opportunity to discover what is also in development. For example, how modern medicine is being sourced and developed from natural ingredients.

Vitafoods Asia brings together manufacturers at the forefront of innovation and invention in the industry to meet and discuss their product development challenges. Visitors that attend Vitafoods Asia can meet and source from more than 300 suppliers of the very latest products hitting the market.

At Vitafoods Asia you can source and taste the latest innovative products that help improve health, wellbeing, physical and mental health, from energy drinks to meal replacement bars, chewable supplements to effervescent tablets and everything in-between.

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