Development Meat Flavor in Indonesia

The addition of top note or usage as a standalone meat flavor  is not so common in Indonesia, but is mostly used in combination with Maillard reaction or with other ingredients, which the industry calls ëcompounded flavorí. The essence of the top note is to capture the aromatics of cooking meat. Take the example of chicken flavor.  The thousands of constituents that are responsible for the smell of cooked chicken are very diverse and complex. Even today we do not know every single molecule contributing to the flavor, but there are some significant molecules that are essential to use in the composition, such as trans 2,trans 4-decadienal. This could be called chicken aldehyde, and is produced during the Maillard reaction via Strecker degradation and has distinctive aroma of chicken fat.  The inclusion of animal fat into the process is very important, and will determine if the flavor will taste of the desired animal characteristic. This may seem obvious but Dr Mottram of Reading University in England in 1980 was one of the first people to not only prove this but hypothesized the pathway to formation of key specific compounds of the specific animal fats as part of the Maillard reaction.

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