Healthy Aging: Asia’s $205Bn Nutraceuticals Market Opportunity

By 2030, over 60 percent of the world’s population, some 500 million people, will be aged 60 or above or above in Asia. To tackle the economic ramifications of the issue, such as the rising costs of healthcare, governments across Asia are developing new strategies that address and promote healthy ageing.

Considered measures to tackle health problems through nutrition include programmes such as national nutrition plans in China; school lunch programmes in India that are interventions to prevent child malnutrition; or stipulating through regulation in Malaysia to restrict access to high-calorie products through food-zoning, which controls the type of food sold in certain areas and makes sure that calorie information is on display; or higher taxes on high-sugar and high-fat food; or even, to incentivize food in Singapore workers to persuade consumers to choose healthier food options.

Today, preventive measures and education offer a USD 205 billion in opportunity for the nutraceuticals industry in Asia.

Food fortification programmes are extremely cost-effective in addressing both over- and under- nutrition as they cost as little as USD 50 per disease. Temasek, referencing multiple sources, estimates that by 2030 in Asia, the markets for food fortification will be USD 125 billion.

Global food companies are removing sugar and artificial preservatives by reformulating products to be healthier. Local brands in China, South Korea, and Vietnam are reformulating products with locally sourced medicinal ingredients such as red ginseng and cooling herbs. The product reformulation market in Asia is estimated at USD 65 billion.

And the functional food market, or food that is fortified and enhanced to provide substantial health benefits, is estimated at USD 15 billion. Among other ingredients, they may contain probiotics, prebiotics, plant stanols, and vitamins such as B, D and minerals such as folic acid.

To enable Asians to explore nutraceuticals, the Vitafoods Asia 2019 Conference and Exhibition will be held in Singapore from 24-25 September 2019. The premier nutraceutical event for the Asia Pacific region, Vitafoods Asia showcases evidence-based products that combat malnutrition, disease, and low immunity, along with the ill effects of obesity, smoking, alcohol consumption, stress, and a lack of exercise. The exhibition features functional beverages and food, dietary and health supplements, health food, natural and herbal medicines, and nutricosmetics that are beneficial to healthy aging

Over 350 international suppliers attend to provide innovative and high-quality nutraceutical ingredients, dietary supplements and services to buyers from Asia. 

Exhibitors include digestive health sponsor, DuPont, Collagen Protein sponsor, Gelita, healthy ageing sponsor, DSM, Curcumin sponsor, Sabinsa, and GenCanna, the official Cannabidiol (CBD) sponsor for Vitafoods Asia 2019.

Vitafoods Asia connects suppliers to buyers, as well as service providers to brands, who can also access product development, regulatory and marketing entry advice at the show to learn how to penetrate new markets in Asia.

Discover the Asian nutraceutical market at Vitafoods Asia 2019. Register now at

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